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Can Lawyers Have The Records Expunged If You’ve Been Convicted?

When you are facing a legal issue and do not have anyone to help you out, a trusted lawyer will be your only way. On the other hand, in hiring a lawyer, you need to be honest as far as your legal records are concerned. This is to counteract any attack that the other side will bring up in the court. Remember that everything can be and will be used against you, and you want your lawyer not to be blinded by this. If you have to say every bit of the information to your lawyer, then you do that. One single lie may have a huge impact in making your name clear from any charges.

With the technology that we have now, everything can be checked in just a short time. Trying to conceal something from the past even if it happens a long time ago, can still be recovered. However, there are times that the government will allow you to expunge records as long as you were able to complete the necessary probation. If it is not expunged in the record after completing the necessary probation, you might want to talk about this with your lawyer.

Are you eligible to get your criminal records erased?

There are parts in the USA where lawyers can request to have your records removed with the condition that the probation was completed. Experts believed that when a person committed a crime and is guilty of the charges can still get his or her life back. As long as the person changed and was able to complete the sentence provided, then there will be a chance to have the record expunge. However, the need to consult a lawyer is necessary since they know the necessary steps in order to expunge records without you doing it all by yourself. 

The only reason why most people who have had criminal records cannot be expunged is when the probation was not completed in the first place. This is one of the determining factors of the court whether to deny or grant the request to expunge your criminal records. In addition to this, there should be any other cases followed to be able to achieve the request. Once you have another case especially if it is still related or the same as your last one, the process will take time and the chance to get it denied would be high. Talk to your lawyer and clear things up, before it is too late.

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